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October 15th, 2007

Whoever Said Skulls Were Ugly Never Saw This Diamond Skull

by admin

diamond skull

I am in a morbid mood today so this diamond skull obviously appealed to me. I actually saw it for the first time a few months ago. I think it is absolutely gorgeous, I have always wanted to start a skull collection, I mean one of real skulls but I would never be able to afford to add this type of one to my collection! Wow!

I have some books at home filled with [tag]jeweled skulls[/tag], they apparently go all through history. It has always been an important ceremonial type thing to decorate skulls but this diamond skull definitely takes the cake.

This sparkling [tag]diamond skull[/tag] was created by the genius mind of [tag]Damien Hirst[/tag]–I know I’ve never heard of him either but he is apparently a big shot in the jewelry world. Man, I would do a lot for just one of these diamonds on their own, never mind the cool setting.

It turns out that the material under the diamonds is not the real skull. What they did was make a mold of an actual skull and then use that to embed the diamonds. The teeth though, those are the read deal. It’s still pretty cool if you ask me, definitely the nicest looking diamond skull I have had the opportunity to see.

Now all I have to do is see it in real, can you imagine how the diamond skull sparkles in real? There are no words. In fact this diamond skull is considered to be close to priceless, it is such a work of art that many say it would sell for at least $100 million if not more. It is hard to price such unique items.