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October 24th, 2007

Howard K Stern Exposed As The Sh*t Eater He Is!

by admin

anna nicole smith vid

I went onto my favorite guilty pleasure today—the Perez Hilton site—and I saw the newest Anna Nicole Smith vid which was the most depressing thing I think I have ever seen. It made me want to cry and it make me wish I could be the one who smashed that chair into Geraldo Rivera’s face. That guy is a real ass, I bet you’d think so too if you saw the piece he did.

So if you haven’t seen this video it is the long version of a shorter video that we saw right after the [tag]Anna Nicole Smith death[/tag]. Remember the one where she was all painted up like a clown out on the street pushing around an empty baby buggy? That one was all the rage at the time, every headline screaming [tag]Anna Nicole Smith exposed video[/tag]! Anna Nicole Smith exposed video! It was weird and now I see totally taken out of context.

That is not to say that the truth behind the makeup is any less sad. So it starts out as a day with a friends little girl, a play date they called it. The little girl is 9 and she painted her face in the vid, that is why she looked like that.

As you watch the Anna Nicole Smith video you can see a shift in her personality. She goes from being coherent to being slurry and weird and all the while you hear Howard K Stern directing the camera man as to what to catch and what not to catch. He even tell her to put her boob back in her blouse when it falls out so that the film can be used later. Rather than be called the Smith exposed video this should be called the Howard K Stern exposed video. It makes me sick to see a human being like Anna so…well basically used up and destroyed by a terrible person like him.

I used to think he was evil incarnate, then I started thinking maybe he wasn’t so bad and now that I heard his voice saying how this will make millions as he watched her pretend a doll was her baby I know he is nothing more than a lump of shit that she unfortunately got stuck to the bottom of her shoe. You know the kind that gets in all the grooves and just won’t get out no matter how you rub and scrub? That is him and if you watch the her exposed video you will see it for yourself. The little girl is seen in the Anna Nicole Smith vid begging Howard to do something, to help Anna.

She even tells him at one point that he needs to call the hospital “please!” she says, “please Howard, please!” and did he, no, he just kept filming and asking her stupid questions to make her look more and more demented on film. Oh and did I mention that the girl has even told her dad that Anna was fine until Howard K Stern pulled out a bottle of pills and fed some to Anna before taping? You can bet your life that it was no coincidence that he got her drugged up while pregnant and taped it. He had something planned, too bad for him she died before he could pull it out of his sleeve.

Seeing this woman like that, and having had a substance abuse problem myself, it made me tear up. It was so heartbreaking to see her worry over the doll, the poor 9 year old was trying to show her that it wasn’t real by showing Anna the batteries and Anna was just begging, “don’t open the baby’s insides, don’t do that.” She had become the child and it wasn’t her fault, she was fed drugs by the people in her life, we all know that now. She was in a vulnerable place and people like Howard K Stern took advantage of her and made tapes like this Anna Nicole exposed vid. I don’t know what they planned for but they all contributed to the Anna Nicole Smith death and I hope they all go to hell where they belong. Bastards.

Oh and that ass Geraldo who kept calling her pathetic Anna this and pathetic Anna that, it was so rude. She was sad Anna in this.

Poor Smith was sad and taken advantage of, not pathetic. Asshole.