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October 26th, 2007

So he bit her face, so there was a little blood, what is the big deal??

by admin

dog bite attack!

Well my dog (above) bit someone in the face today. Good news it was the groomer so she is not going to sue me. When you think about it, she should be used to dog bite attacks. He has never been the most friendly dog when it comes to other people, but I had always thought he was okay when he was with them, now they tell me he has always been a bit of a biter but now he is just more of one. Huh.

I was feeling a little bad about the [tag]dog bite attack[/tag] until I got there and the groomer girl was a total bitch, I mean I get it, the dog bit her, but Christ it wasn’t as if I bit her! Why is she treating me like crap, even after I offered her a ton of extra money for not grooming that dog (I have two), she was still being a bitch.

I was all “oh no! You actually bled! I am sooooo sorry! What? The bill was $46 for Makkie, I will pay you $70 for your trouble and pain.” She’s all like “no, it’s not the pain, I am just pissed off, I am just really really pissed etc etc bitch bitch bitch.” And then she went on to blame me for my dogs behavior and the dog bite attack for like 20 minutes, you probably didn’t socialize him enough when he was a puppy, he is getting worse and worse, that is not why you just fucking suck. Well not really that last part but she might as well have. She was a total and utter cow and really it wasn’t like half of her face was hanging off in bloody shreds or anything.

Any sympathy I would have had for her after the dog bite attack was gone within the first 60 seconds, she was that bad. And, and I think they beat the dog. He is walking funny now and he smells really really weird.

So now I have to learn to groom a goddamn dog, wtf!!

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