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July 30th, 2009

Horrific 911 Transcript of the Otty Sanchez 911 Call

by admin

Yesterday (or the day before, not sure) I told you about Otty Sanchez, the woman who murdered, dismembered and cannibalized her 3 week old son last weekend. Well, just today I see they have posted the transcript of the 911 call her sister placed to police when she awoke to her sister screaming.

It is one of the saddest things ever, read for yourself (or listen to the 911 call here):

Transcript of 911 Call
Otty Sanchez Charged With Capital Murder
Voice of Priscilla Garcia



“oh my God.”

“San Antonio Fire and Ems How can we help you.”

“I need an Ambulance at 351 Wayside Drive.”


EMS “What’s the emergency? What’s going on?”


P. G. “My sister has … She’s hurt her child, seriously hurt her child.”

EMS “How did she do that? What’s going on with the child?”

P.G. “The baby is dead. She’s …”

EMS “What did you say?”

P.G. “The baby is dead. Please come quickly.”1:03


P.G. “She stabbed him, there’s blood all over the bed.”1:19


SAPD “Pricilla here’s your sister at?

P.G. “She’s just sitting on the couch. She was going crazy last night. She was hearing voices. She kept bringing me the baby and finally she calmed down and I took her back the baby. And now I just woke up to hear her screaming.”1:52


EMS: “Maam, Maam.”

P.G. “Yes, Yes.”

EMS “Do not touch the baby, Don’t disturb anything in the area there okay …”

P.G. “My mom, my mom, was holding the baby. My mom was holding the baby she already put the baby down.”

EMS “all right.”


Otty: “I stabbed myself in the stomach.”

Priscilla: “You stabbed yourself?”

Otty: “Yes.”

Otty: “Oh God” :58


P.G. “I’m your sister I told you to come to me.”

Otty “I tried but you were telling me that you died ..(inaudible) you killed your kids and you were dead”

P.G. “I’m not dead Otty I’m standing her talking to you.”


SAPD “Where did she stab herself?”

Pricilla “In the heart and in the stomach she says .. I see a stab wound in her heart yes.”:24

SAPD “Your sister?

P.G. “I’m looking at her now, yes.”:26


P.G. “Oh my God, oh my God.”


Otty : I loved him

P.G. : Otty

Otty : I loved him

P.G : Mom calm down

Otty: I didn’t mean to do it, he told me to.”:45

There are no words for the sadness I feel for that poor family.