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May 5th, 2011

Jesse James American Douchebag

by admin

How disgusting is Jesse james? He is such a scumbag, so so so so disgusting that I don’t think words have been invented to describe his fucktardary.

So, he’s married to Sandra Bullock who, by all accounts, even his own, is a wonderful, normal kind of girl, she takes in his kids, mothers them as her own and then he proceeds to fuck some of the ugliest women on the planet behind her back. He then gets caught and she rightly kicks him to the curb. Yay for women with some fucking balls.

This ogreish grease monkey then moves onto another real winner, Kat Von D. Okay, so now they are dating, oh wait, now they are engaged. Oh but wait the best is yet to come! He decides that it’s time to set the record straight and he wants to write a tell all book. Oh goody!

Now he is doing the rounds pimping out said book, talking about how much better his new girlfriend is in the sack compared to Sandra. WTF? Why? Tell me why he would even go there because I cannot think of a single reason beyond the fact that he is simply the lowest form of sludge the planet has yet to squirt out.

Basically he cannot stop fucking her over. It’s like a sickness with him. Ugh. He makes me want to BARF!

BUT you know what’s worse? Kat Von D. What kind of loser skank can hear a man talk like that–even if it is complimenting you in a way– and then want to continue dating him?

If I was seeing some guy and he talked like that about anyone I would be like, what the fuck is wrong with you? And just like that he would be out the door. I mean, Jesus can we at least pretend to have a little class?

Obviously not. Ugh. Gross.

He said “She’s a vixen. If she cheated on me, I would forgive her and still love her.” Believe me Mr Fuckwad, we are all going to remember that statement and I’m sure soon enough we will see if you can stick to it. To be with Jesse James you have to be the biggest skank who ever spread her legs.

I hope they both get some dread disease and die. Yeah I said that.